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Daytrade Warrior

I am a self taught full-time daytrader.  It cost me over $30k to learn to trade and I blew up several accounts before I finally learned how to manage risk and trade properly.  Now that I’ve become a successful trader I help new traders speed up the learning curve.  Visit me at to learn how to trade like me.

We teach the important elements of successful trading:
1. Risk Managment – This is so critical and it’s where new traders often mess up.
2. Stock Selection – Choosing the right stocks to trade.  Out of thousands of stocks, you need to know what to trade and what to ignore.
3. Chart Patterns – We teach you the best chart patterns where you should apply the fundamentals of risk management and stock selection.

DaytradeWarrior.Com is a streaming window into the office of a professional daytrader featuring screen sharing, live audio feed, and trade alerts.  I call out developing setups and potential entries and stop loss points.  I focus primarily on an aggressive strategy focusing exclusively on one trade at a time and taking as many shares as I can while maintaining tight stops.  By establishing a tight stop on all trades I know the risk before buying a single share.  This strategy is scalable from 50 shares to 50k and higher.




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