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We are a Day Trading and Swing Trading community built around the philosophy that We TRADE the Strategies We TEACH.  Our mission is to have every trader in our community learn to trade stocks and generate consistent profits.  The only way to achieve this is to teach traders the exact details of the strategies we have proven are profitable.  I have made a living trading three strategies.  I trade Gap and Go, Momentum, and Reversal Strategies.


For FULL-TIME TRADERS, in our Trading Chat Room I call out the setup, the desired entry price, and the stop loss in real-time on Audio.  You can watch my stock charts on screen share, listen to me execute my trades, and benefit from my years of experience in the markets.  Many days are biggest wins come from breaking news.  We use proprietary scanning software to find news as soon as it hits the wire.


For PART-TIME TRADERS, our Swing Trades are sent out via Email, SMS Text, and Chat Room Alerts.  We have hundreds of members that are full-time workers and make investments on the side.  To give our traders the best odds for success we only trade stocks trading on heavy volume.  Heavy volume means we can all have the opportunity to get in and out at the same price.


Day Trade Warrior has been seen on Ticker.TV, YouTube, eSignal, Trade-Ideas, Finviz, Stocktwits, Investimonials, and Yahoo Finance.  We’re pleased to have been able to work with such terrific partners in this industry.

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