Jason Bond Picks

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ross Cameron, also known as Daytrade Warrior.  I’m a Daytrade Moderator at Jason Bond Picks.  Here at my blog site you can find free video lessons, trade recaps, trading tools, and chart analysis.  For premium content including live trade alerts, daytrade development webinars, and chatroom access, you must join Jason Bond Picks!

Jason Bond Picks is the largest trader chatroom on the internet with 500-600 members active everyday.  Jason is swingtrading small-cap stocks for 1-3 days and locked in over $200k profits and 70% growth of his portfolio in 2013.  Luke is daytrading up to 20-30 trades each day and I have joined Luke as a second Daytrade Moderator.  Being part of a chatroom with 500+ sets of eyes on the market we rarely miss the big market events.


Live Trade Alerts

From Jason, you can expect 3-5 Swingtrade alerts per week.  These are almost always 1-3 day long hold times.  This makes it easy to trade part-time.  You don’t need to be chained to your computer to swingtrade.  From me, you can expect anywhere from 3-10 daytrade alerts each day. All alerts are posted in the chatroom in real-time.


The Jason Bond Picks Team

The best way to learn to trade is to work with a mentor. Imagine trying to learn to play tennis without a partner, or even worse, imagine trying to learn from somebody who knows even less than you. Trading is a career that requires the support of partners, co-workers, and mentors. The trouble is, trading from home makes it really difficult to connect with other trades. Join us in chat for trade alerts and responses to most general questions.


My Trading Tools

Learn about my Momentum strategy, my primary and secondary technical indicators, and my list of entry and exit indicators. The key to my success has been following a strict strategy. I rarely deviate from this strategy, and when I do, I usually get a quick reminder of why I shouldn’t. Daytrading should not be a game of chance. The goal is to narrow in on your most successful trades, study them, analyze them, and learn to repeat them.

I have taken my primary and secondary Momentum Trading indicators and converted them into a Stock Scanner formula. I use stock scanners to find all my trades. Learn how I use stock scanners to find my trades. The Momentum Scanner Formulas are available for download from the Stock Scanner Store.


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